Ginza WAKO July,2021 7F for special customers.
Ginza WAKO August,2021 6F AyaAya with 渋沢栄一展



We coordinated the space of the VIP meeting room in Sekisui house Ltd, Kitakanto branch office, and used AyaAya's weaving design for the wallpaper.
We also exhibited my original textiles.



Shin Zen Bi exhibition in KeioPlaza Hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo.


令和元年11/11、自身が糸から染めて織り上げました蓮糸100%の織物の御披露目式典を、渋谷区神宮前 東郷記念館にて会見致しました。蓮は泥水の中でも美しく花開くことから、「生命の象徴」「多産の象徴」お釈迦様が生まれた聖なる花とでもございます。

In Japan, together with the introduction of Buddhism, the history of fabric woven with waterlily textiles has an extremely deep connection with the Imperial Household that stems from the Asuka era (592-710) as evidenced by the Taima mandala fabric housed in the Taima-dera Temple in Nara Prefecture.
Moreover, today, waterlily textile fabric is also a target of special yearning and sentiment by noted global brands for being scarce, divine, light and moisture-retaining, and is considered to be a rarity
One famous episode is how the Chairman of Loro Piana searched the world over for that fabric to make a jacket 100% woven using waterlily textiles.
In 2002, the late Mikio Senbonmatsu formed the incorporated body called “Waterlily Textile Presentation Ceremony,” and presented the former Emperor with a 20cm-by-20cm waterlily textile wrapping cloth.

The will of the late Mikio Senbonmatsu was carried on by Kiyoaki Kuroda from 2010.

Subsequently, with the great yarns development efforts of Kenichi Kondo(then Taishobo),

a kimono-length roll of cloth made 100% of waterlily textiles that was dyed and weaved by Ayako Ohmizu was created from 2011 to 2018.

Now, in 2019, the Federation of the Presentation of the Waterlily Textile to the Emperor of Japan has welcomed Tamotsu Yagihara, Representative Director and Chairman of Gim Co., Ltd., and Yasuo Wakabayashi, Representative Director and President of Aurora Co. Ltd., to present a roll of cloth to the Imperial Household anew.
The history of the textile industry in Japan is sure to remember this waterlily texture project.

“The birth of life,” “a symbol of fertility” and “a sacred flower from which Buddha was born” are qualities held by waterlilies, which blossom with dignity and in full glory even within muddy waters.



I visited in Myanmar to teach and lecture National weaving school's teachers about a design of hand weaving, the history, and a scarf of global trend to the request from the Government.


The scarves of natural dyed and hand woven that I guided and gave a lecture on the design, techniques and the art in Myanmar are going to be sold by airports in Japan.

I am proud that I could conduce their cultural and artistic accomplishments and smiles at Myanmar.


2018 Isetan Shinjuku


2017 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi 日本橋三越


2017 丹青会Tanseikai.


2016 [Tanseikai] in Akasaka prince hotel. Hand woven Water lily textile.


Shinjuku Isetan, May.2016
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